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From Twitter 08-27-2009

  • 06:34:59: So happy that it's forecasted to stay in the 70's today... the heat makes me cranky. Yay! We can play outside today!
  • 10:14:32: Had a dream about going to a party with high school friends: Erica D, Jaimie K, Tim M, etc. At Federico's house. Amber was there too. Weird.
  • 10:23:06: My neighborhood has had a constant HUM for a few weeks. Cicadas? Alien invaders? Coming from the trees. It's not unpleasant, just constant.
  • 16:36:53: Made, wrote, addressed & mailed Lilian's birthday gift thank you cards! Yay! <3
  • 17:36:18: One of my dogs is under Lilian's crib, and she's reaching her arm under as far as she can, giggling. I wonder who's taunting her! LOL. <3
  • 19:12:49: Wants some M&Ms.
  • 21:26:02: Had a thought that is going to keep her up ALL night.

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