D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 09-01-2009

  • 05:32:09: Been awake for 40 minutes already... and that's too, too many minutes.
  • 12:42:56: Holy shit, it's September!!!!!!
  • 14:09:18: Finally took the plunge and deleted my MySpace entirely. If you were my friend on there, can you verify that it's gone? Yay!
  • 14:55:11: M says that Lilian needs a haircut! Just a trim/shape.I've been putting it off, but for a baby born with a full head of hair,maybe it's time
  • 14:59:10: Got a really nice email from one of Lily's grandmas saying "grandmas are supposed to buy 1st shoes" instructing me to pick out a gift for L.
  • 16:43:15: Sometimes surprised at the amount of drama some people bring into their own lives... and pleased when it's not me. <3 Peace <3
  • 16:47:41: @wendystarr That documentary (http://bit.ly/pNq7J
    looksAwesome,I love shows about PlasticSurgery
  • 18:59:13: This week Lily learned to shake/nod her head Yes and No. If you say either word to her, she does it... & she nods when she likes something!
  • 19:13:55: When I get Lilian to bed at, or before, her 10 PM bed time, I feel like I "won" the day. Yay!
  • 19:33:58: Watching "Sons of Anarchy" and wishing I drank less diet Pepsi at dinner, because I want to go to sleep early, it's been hard waking up!
  • 20:38:24: For 4 years, Oliver has slept cuddled with me every single night. Now he sleeps cuddled with Lily. Not sure if I'm happy or sad about it. <3

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