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From Twitter 09-08-2009

  • 05:19:43: 7:30 came way too early today. At least it's nice and cloudy out today. I love overcast days!
  • 06:08:50: Waiting for the UPS man to come! :)
  • 06:37:44: Thanks for birthday wishes: Alyssa, Jackie R, Rose, Dawn, Audrey, Jennifer, Emily, Jessie, Will, Jaimie, Brontis, Phil, Betsy, Kathryn, Mary
  • 07:02:21: When Dexter dresses to kill... he dresses just like Simon Cowell. A murdering metrosexual.
  • 09:10:01: Thank you for the birthday Wishes from: Amanda, Jennifer, Jared, Christy, Christine, Melissa F, Melissa B, Danielle, Missy, Jin, Bee! <3
  • 09:11:23: And... also thanks to: Rebecca, Amber, Angel, Tracey, Eliisa, Asayo, Melody, Jodi, Nani, Christiaan, Elise, Stephanie! <3
  • 09:30:49: @danimagestro Thanks for the birthday shout out!
  • 09:32:58: @NenaAllure Thanks for the birthday shout out! <3
  • 10:03:39: Got an awesome new camera for my birthday... can't wait to try it out! <3
  • 10:53:44: More birthday wishes! Thanks: Luana, Jamie G, Linda, Becca, Meredith, Jaime C, Raina, Katharine, Mali, Marilyn, Cynthia, Jamie M, Lillian F
  • 11:50:32: It's my birthday, and I haven't gotten out of bed for more than 5 minutes yet! Just showered... hope to go to a park for family portraits!
  • 16:39:15: @ali_konu I will buy your house if you accept the kind of money that jingles.
  • 20:19:53: Eating birthday cake alone.
  • 21:00:10: Had the worst possible birthday you could ever imagine, the worst of 30. At least it's over in 3...2...1... ... ...

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