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From Twitter 09-10-2009

  • 07:46:24: It's a beautiful day - 66 degrees. Curses to the mosquitos for not letting us play outside!!!!!
  • 09:21:13: Wants to do something outdoors today... with my family... and no mosquitoes... and try out my new camera! Maybe Port Jefferson?
  • 09:24:29: After a 5 month hiatus (oops), today is my first day back on Weight Watchers. I weighed in yesterday, and I hope to have an excellent week!
  • 09:49:08: Just when I thought American Idol couldn't be any greater... Ellen? Really, Ellen? I LOVE Ellen! Can't wait for next season. Well done FOX!
  • 16:37:22: Spent the day walking around Port Jeff. with my ladies. Photos to come later. Also, stayed "on point" with WW. I win today!
  • 17:33:26: Watching the Steelers opening game. Lilian saw 2 things on TV that made her squeal wtih joy: horses & The Black Eyed Peas!
  • 18:02:28: it's super windy and probably about to storm!!!! But weather.com says not until 2AM. I love fall weather!
  • 18:54:45: Steelers are winning 7 to 0. Missy is very excited and therefore I am too.
  • 19:00:07: Football time and Missy time are very similar. "41 seconds" usually takes more like 8 minutes.
  • 20:15:04: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Lilian Makes a "Friend" at the Playground... Until he Puts sand on her h... http://bit.ly/auMSc
  • 20:35:25: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Lilian Showing off Her Walking Skills in Port Jefferson 9/10/09 http://bit.ly/xMskN
  • 21:38:59: It's nearly 1 AM and Missy is blowing bubbles in bed... which is making Lilian squeal (and NOT sleep)... I think it's to annoy me. Sleepy!

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