D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 09-11-2009

  • 06:18:29: never forget... MARY'S BIRTHDAY! Happy 29th, Mary!!! We love you!!!!!!!! <3
  • 07:06:08: Question for those who use reusable "green" grocery bags. What do you use for trash bags? How do you throw out trash?
  • 07:12:37: Eating breakfast with Miss Lily. Special K & Lactaid milk (for both of us.) Not sure what we're gonna do on this rainy day until 4PM.
  • 10:50:52: Just woke up from an hour and a half nap with Lily & we both feel much happer! I'm very sore though & would kill for a neck/shoulder massage
  • 12:14:44: Feeling a huge sense of relief and relaxation today. Had a nice long bath and we're running errands before Lilian's gym class.
  • 14:52:37: A chiropractor visit would be heavenly. It's been about 3+ years. So sad. Will have to settle for my Miracle Ball. Shoulder pain sucks.

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