D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 09-14-2009

  • 08:21:20: Got to sleep until 11AM today, yay! Still tired. Watching "Gossip Girl" season 2. Allergies are bad today. Apple pie for breakfast???
  • 08:47:51: @nenaallure The applesauce came out AWESOME and I have a whole bucket of it! We are about to have pie for breakfast too... at NOON! Lucky me
  • 11:23:26: Having problems with my email on my Sidekick today. Even though I can text/web browse, my emails aren't sending or being received. :(
  • 12:42:12: Can't comprehend people who WANT to cause drama and do it on PURPOSE. Are they bored? Miserable? Angry? Evil? Stupid? Crazy? ?????????
  • 13:49:25: Love using coupons!!!!!!!! <3
  • 16:25:16: Bought Lilian 9 new books today (used)... for around $9! She's excited and so am I! She finally sits still & requests us to read her books
  • 17:49:40: Just watched Missy and Lily "pour a little out" of their bottles for Swayzee. Southern Comfort from Missy and milk from Lily.
  • 20:52:07: RT @wendystarr: "Damn I ate a box of whoppers (the candy) and now I feel like malted milk BALLS." WENDY - this was totally hilarious! :)
  • 21:10:10: I love that we have a president that says "jackass" (that's what he called Sir Kanye after his asinine performance at the VMA's.) Rock on.
  • 21:12:04: Need some sleep. ASAP. After this episode of "Gossip Girl" I'm turning off the TV for real.

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