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From Twitter 09-19-2009

  • 04:01:09: Doing last minute packing and getting ready... to go to Hershey, PA and Lancaster, PA! Yay birthday roadtrip! <3
  • 04:06:21: Awake earlier than Lilian... this has only happened a few times ever. And when it's time for me to wake HER up for once, she'll be cranky!
  • 04:49:26: Since finding out I have a sister that doesn't know I exist, my life has had the story line of a soap opera, with NONE of the action/drama.
  • 06:31:12: 9:30 AM and we're about to leave for the 30th birthday extravaganza Hershey road trip! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  • 08:41:11: Staten Island is weird. We're there now.
  • 08:55:22: <3 Yay New Jersey!!!! <3
  • 10:23:44: Pennsylvania!!!!!!! The Hershey State!
  • 19:53:25: In Lancaster, PA. So far we... played on a playground, did a corn maze, swam/water parked, & ate a buffet. To do tonight: drink!!! Sleep!
  • 22:05:58: Drunk and awaiting our friend to bring pizzas back to our room. Soon, must sleep. Lilian's awake at 1AM, I think that's a new record! Fun.

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