D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 09-22-2009

  • 07:14:00: Woke up sick with a sore neck and ears. Boo. With lots to do today! Must drink juice.
  • 12:09:12: Just visited the First ever Hard Pretzel bakery. It was cute and charming. And we got a slew of pretzels to taste! <3 #Pretzels <3
  • 17:42:32: Had a lot of fun with my family today (and excited to upload photos)... but also SO excited to be in my PJs since I'm still sick!
  • 18:21:56: Editing the 600 photos I took so far on vacation!
  • 18:50:33: I uploaded a YouTube video -- LIlian Walks Down a Hallway 9/21/09 http://bit.ly/xRajy
  • 21:43:58: Feeling sick, stuffy, and sore. Wish I didn't have to drive home tomorrow! Why do vacations have to end????
  • 21:45:29: Had a very vivid dream this morning about someone I never met or spoke to. The dream stayed with me all day too...

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