D (al2o3cr) wrote,

Amish Novel

So, we're on vacation in Lancaster, PA. Our vacation has been extended because Missy got sick, but that's not what this post is about.

So, our resort has a bakery & general store... and the resort is owned/run by Menonite people. The bakery has a book rack with paperbacks for sale... and I was very amused yesterday to see that they were ALL Amish novels! I had no idea there was such a genre, I thought it was so funny!

So... I woke up at 11AM this morning (which was awesome that Lilian let me sleep until 11) and Missy had set up on the table... a box of donuts, an ice bucket of iced tea and diet coke, and one of the Amish novels for me! What a romantic surprise! I can't wait to read it (while we're here, so it's authentic.) I asked her how she chose which one to get... and she said she had to read the backs of all of them! LOL.

Tags: books, gifts, missy, photos, vacations/trips

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