D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 09-30-2009

  • 08:44:42: Still in PA and missing my Oli-Bear. Taking Missy to a special doctor in Philadelphia today. Moved to 4th hotel room. Autumn weather!!! <3
  • 12:26:26: the word "vaganus" offends me... its a combo of vagina + anus pronounced like Vah-JAY-nus. I find it to be wrong.
  • 12:37:25: Amused to discover that Lilian likes olives... it was my craving food while pregnant and it's weird for a baby to like them, right?
  • 20:24:33: @CatherineRose LOL at the thought of you playing real life Frogger! :)
  • 20:25:06: Having serious back pain this week. Why so suddenly, I was "ok" for months? This week has been horrendous. Need to see chiropractor ASAP.
  • 21:58:48: OMG, it's October! I love October! My favorite month! Well, one of them! Autumn! Halloween! I'm obsessed with pumpkins!

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