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From Twitter 10-04-2009

  • 16:34:02: Dying of cuteness watching Lilian watch the Handy Manny special on TV. Need to get her a Handy Manny DVD for home (since we don't have TV)!
  • 16:51:34: Today Lilian said 2 new words on her own ("more" and "duck") and did one hand-sign on her own (also "more", she likes to eat!) YaY!
  • 17:23:56: @QueenMabWords Did your kids like olives at 1 year old? I like green too... the kind that comes stuffed/soaked in garlic! YUM!!!
  • 18:47:32: Watching Missy and Lilian watch the Steelers game (with Lily in her Steelers jersey)... impressed by all the PINK the players wear tonight!
  • 19:35:14: Lilian put Missy to bed again! They're snuggled in bed... and Missy is fast asleep and Lilianis humming and watching TV! LOL!
  • 20:59:14: @SaidStrumpet The Twitpic with your footware doesn't seem to be working for me. :( I don't see anything!
  • 22:19:30: i do NOT understand why ANYONE likes Bret Michaels... then or now,
  • 23:58:11: Awake too late....

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