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From Twitter 10-07-2009

  • 05:28:20: Stayed up too late... and Lil woke me up TOO early!!!! Good thing she's so cute.
  • 06:56:25: Only slept 4 hours last night... I SO need a nap!
  • 07:08:26: Lilian just fell back asleep... NAP TIME! Woooooooooooooo!
  • 12:15:57: Frustrated and annoyed that my cell phone got shut off last week. Not having a phone is very annoying. Not having my contacts and info sucks
  • 16:56:48: @SaidStrumpet "The Dark Crystal" and "Return to Oz" were my 2 favorite movies as a kid... but they both scared the bejeezus out of me! <3
  • 17:57:40: I fucking hate Pizza Hut. Every fucking time. Even in a "foreign" city they FUCK up my pizza and i have to make 2 trips.So pissed. #pizzahut
  • 19:02:20: very little brings me more joy than watching my Peanut dance. She loves TV theme songs! And soul music, Black Eyed Peas, and Beyonce.
  • 20:20:58: Playing tag/chasing with Peanut is SO much more fun now that she can RUN! I had her shrieking & giggling for 1/2 hour!!!!!
  • 22:06:43: I think I accidentally made myself nocturnal this week. Crap.
  • 22:07:26: The past 2 weeks Lilian learned to: run, brush her hair & teeth, eat with a fork, wash herself in the bath. When did she grow up so much?

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  • al2o3cr
    3 Jan 2010, 02:44
    That sucks you're definitely one of my favorite blogs to read by far :(
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 05:17
    The end of an era!
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 04:38
    good riddance!!!!
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 04:19
    I would still like to follow your journal! I've been reading/commenting forever and I feel like know ya. :(
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 02:43
    The end of my journal...
    Not the end of me!
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