D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-08-2009

  • 07:10:19: Dying of cuteness watching Lilian watch "Diego" and dance in front of the TV, while eating a bagel. She's SO cute!
  • 08:54:57: Just ate my first candy corn of the season. Mmmmm... i love candy corn!
  • 09:06:46: I just heard.... "I don't want t give her a reward for dancing... because that's how she'll become a stripper!"
  • 12:24:58: Every story has at least 4 sides... YOURS, theirs, the onlookers'... and the truth.
  • 15:22:13: Does my baby have a target on her this week? Today an ADULT retarded man PULLED HER HAIR! WTF? All I could muster was "It's OK"... it wasn't
  • 16:54:06: http://twitpic.com/krr2y - Just testing to see if my Twitpic account works from the computer! Photo attached?
  • 16:56:04: http://twitpic.com/krr2y - PORKCHOP!!!!
  • 17:34:03: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Lilian at the Hayloft Petting Zoo #1/2 10/8/09 http://bit.ly/44rfMy
  • 18:31:14: http://twitpic.com/ks525 - Driving through farmland makes me feel so peaceful...
  • 18:38:02: I hate to admit it... but this Mommy ran OUT of patience today... is it bedtime yet???
  • 19:05:07: Tonight Lilian SAT in her dinner plate... liker her ass ended up right in the center of the plate, just like a cartoon. Mommy's done today.
  • 19:34:43: I feel so lucky that Lilian LIKES having her teeth brushed. She sits still and opens her mouth when she sees the brush! She even helps! :)
  • 20:29:01: @wendystarr - I can't say she's wrong! :)
  • 21:23:24: Feeling anxious and jittery all night.
  • 23:15:37: Watching a show on these twins and I'm fascinated! http://bit.ly/uH37G
  • 23:16:12: Dying to see the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" show... but I never seem to catch it!
  • 23:33:52: Wondering if I should get a flu shot this year. I've only gotten one ever, in 2006 I think. Deciding if Lilian should get one, Probably not.

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