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From Twitter 10-09-2009

  • 00:18:26: Should be asleep but is feeling very anxious and instead is virtually farming and cooking. *sigh*
  • 00:40:27: Forcing myself to get into bed and to get sleepy. Will read my (3rd) Bonnet Book (Amish novel)!
  • 08:26:03: Went to bed at almost 5 AM and woke up (for the second time) at 10:30AM. That doesn't work for me... need nap.
  • 13:08:58: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Lilian at the Hayloft Petting Zoo #2/2 10/8/09 http://bit.ly/cQmkr
  • 17:20:02: Stressed & worrying about something important. Having a bad back pain day as well. Good news: My kid did NOT get picked on today & is cute!
  • 20:40:48: Was chasing Lilian around the room... and ran into a chair right in the sift spot of my knee... OUCH...it hurts so bad. Argh damn bad knees.
  • 21:41:33: http://twitpic.com/kxgq7 - Lilian really likes both eating tacos... and eating with a fork (her newest skill!) Love this kid!
  • 21:45:04: @zfarmville I NEED a pink cow! I love pink! We need as much pink stuff as possible! I want a purple seeder and teal harvester too!!!!
  • 21:47:28: http://twitpic.com/kxhgt - Lilian and I at the Hayloft Petting Zoo. If we had a FREE petting zoo at home, I'd go once a week or more!
  • 21:49:20: http://twitpic.com/kxhpq - It looks like she's saying "I don't even KNOW what that is, Mom. But it's Fluffy!" Lilian is so funny!
  • 21:51:16: http://twitpic.com/kxhy4 - From 10/3/09 when we went apple tasting at the orchard. Yum. I LOVE autumn... and good, fresh apples!
  • 21:55:07: http://twitpic.com/kxidn - Lilian... AFTER her bath 10/2/09
  • 21:56:43: http://twitpic.com/kxikp - Lilian... DURING her bath (post-cupcake). 10/2/09
  • 21:57:59: http://twitpic.com/kxiql - Lilian... JUST BEFORE her much-needed bath (after demolishing a cupcake!) 10/2/09
  • 22:26:32: I just heard "Just because they're serving two KINDS of shit sandwiches, doesn't mean i need to eat either one of them!"
  • 23:00:49: I hate that Missy insists on watching "ghost hunting" shows on TV... they're so lame!
  • 23:14:34: Getting into bed much earlier tonight than I did the past few nights... as I promised Missy I would! Read... then sleeping... hopefully!!!

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