D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-10-2009

  • 10:45:21: It infuriates me that NASA exploded an area of the moon... who the hell do they think they are? It just seems so ridiculous to me.
  • 13:50:43: Lilian had a pony ride today. That was the one and only highlight of my day. My back hurts, like woah!
  • 14:00:38: http://twitpic.com/l0odm - Lilian just after her pony ride today... she is a little scared of HUGE animals, so she looks nervous here!
  • 14:50:09: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Lilian Dances to YMCA while eating lunch 10/10/09 http://bit.ly/34P3Pu
  • 17:08:17: @eutheria - Where in NY are you?
  • 17:08:57: Lilian got 2 teeth when she turned 6 months, then no more until she was a year.Now she's sprouting teeth so fast, i can't keep track! 7 now?
  • 17:29:11: Have had a headache for hours... I think it's from lack of caffeine today... but Motrin + diet coke didn't make it go away!!!
  • 17:50:45: Still have not gotten a pink cow on FarmVille! Find one for me, please!!! #farmville
  • 17:51:24: @Tales_of_Pig No, the animals on FarmVille don't become food... when the pig is 100% you can collect truffles!
  • 17:57:09: Is sleepy at 9PM! I guess waking up early and having minimal nap after going to bed at 3AM and having a bad night with Lilian took its toll!
  • 20:52:41: just got a PINK COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 21:12:08: When I look at a photograph of someone who's related to me and LOOKS like me... it's still so new... and so STRANGE!
  • 22:14:50: @eutheria - I've never been to Old Chatham. My dad lives in Rockland County and when city people call THAT "upstate" it amuses me! :)
  • 22:24:44: I vow to go camping in 2010 no matter what it takes to get there. Who's going with me? Or should I say... who's taking me?!?!?!
  • 23:01:44: Wishing that I had a Miracle Ball here this week. I swear by these things! http://www.elainepetrone.com/pages/products.html #miracleball

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