D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-11-2009

  • 11:16:45: @christiaanity I love your DIY creations! Can't wait to see photos!
  • 12:13:51: @golfshirt6 CONFESSION TO THE WORLD: I am wearing head to toe leopard print pajamas... and I look ridiculous.
  • 12:17:06: Sad to read today that Waterloo Village shut down, want to take Lil there, hope it reopens: http://bit.ly/cOBi
  • 13:52:35: Is officially out of Amish novels since I read all 3 Bonnet Books. :(
  • 15:29:37: The rule is... in order to be allowed to sit on my lap, you have to either have full control of your bladder OR be wearing a diaper!
  • 20:36:44: @CatherineRose Can I have some onf your pumpkin beer?!? That's my favorite!!!!!
  • 20:37:25: @shoebootie I took a class trip to Waterloo also!! I think every NJ kid did! But I read that they may reopen in 2011 if they get funding!
  • 20:41:03: Watching the Wanda Sykes comedy special, we already caught the end, now watching beginning! She's really funny!
  • 22:24:15: Just spent time harvesting/plowing/seeding on #FarmVille just to reload the page and have it all disappear and go back to how it was. ARGH
  • 22:47:40: When you plan to go away for a few days... and it ends up being a few weeks... the thought of WHAT was LEFT in your FRIDGE is scary! Ack!
  • 22:55:45: Getting into bed on the "early side" tonight (compared to the past week)... going to read until i'm sleepy.

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