D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-12-2009

  • 09:31:53: Going to do laundry at a laundromat today for the first time since 2000 and I lived in a studio apartment on Ave C.
  • 09:33:07: @leabrunette went Twitter crazy thing morning!
  • 09:33:45: @mhaithaca What is Google Wave?
  • 10:51:01: One of the more ridiculous things i've seen this week: http://bit.ly/sbr4z
  • 12:05:33: Just watched Animal Planet with Lilian... and she cheered when the lioness caught/ate the Wildebeest. Should I be concerned?
  • 18:27:11: Just spent 2+ hours in a Laundromat with a 1 year old. Feeling exhausted... but I took some cute photos!
  • 20:32:00: My phone is currently shut off... but apparently ALL my data will be gone: http://bit.ly/VmCWy
  • 20:50:20: So I've lost all my contacts, saved emails, saved notes, photos, etc. that were on my phone. Email me your info to my Gmail address!!!
  • 20:52:34: I need your: phone #s, emails, addresses, birthday, anniversary, AIM, websites, etc. I lost all my contacts!
  • 21:20:21: Having "one of those" nights. *sigh*
  • 22:40:29: I hate when things FREEZE in refrigerators. My diet Pepsi tastes like a slushy. Lame.
  • 22:43:41: Bought Lilian her 1st toothbrush today (we used to just share mine). It's purple/turquoise with DORA on it! She picked it out. i Love her.

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