D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-14-2009

  • 00:08:50: When I try to picture Lilian as a teenager in my head... I see SELENA GOMEZ! :)
  • 00:20:08: Love this wedding ring!: http://bit.ly/10ayGs ...and also love dog print necklace!
  • 11:28:55: I'm Twittering from the bathroom!
  • 13:14:35: http://twitpic.com/lj099 -
  • 13:14:47: Outside of NY... when you order "seltzer" or sometimes even "club soda" waiters don't know what you mean! "Soda without the syrup, please!"
  • 14:41:46: Someone needs to design low-rise diapers so Lily's (and othr babies') diaper isn't always sticking out of the top of the pants!
  • 14:44:17: I'm getting beaten up today, Missy tripped and let go of a doorknob on my elbow, then Lilian headbutted my lower lip/teeth. Ouch x2
  • 17:38:39: Spraying something with Febreeze (a.k.a. perfume) is NOT cleaning it.
  • 17:39:40: Not only does Peanut not like to wear clothes, but she learned to take off every item except a onesie. (Pants, shirt, socks, shoes, diaper)

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