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From Twitter 10-15-2009

  • 11:50:25: OMG on the news... a kid flew away IN a balloon... he's 7 years old and 7,000 feet up and it's going fast! That SUCKS!
  • 11:54:43: http://bit.ly/yxLhW They say that at 7,000 feet it's only 7 degrees. Poor kid. Dumb parents.
  • 12:16:12: They just said that Balloon Boy may have fallen out... or may have gotten out before craft took off. They don't know?!?!? Poor kid!
  • 12:19:18: OMG - was Balloon Boy in Denver from the family on Wife Swap?!?! Missy remembers the episode and thinks it's them!!! #BalloonBoy
  • 12:19:58: Is THIS the boy in the balloon in Colorado??? http://bit.ly/AfTQW #BalloonBoy
  • 12:22:44: Was the Balloon Boy, Falcon, floating over Denver Colorado on Wife Swap? http://bit.ly/AfTQW
  • 12:25:13: @tweetthebeav How do you know that Balloon Boy is the Wife Swap kid?!?!? Are we correct????
  • 12:26:02: @PerezHilton Balloon Boy was on Wife Swap! http://bit.ly/AfTQW
  • 12:29:30: I am SHOCKED that Missy recognized that #BalloonBoy was on Wife Swap! She remembers the episode where the kid wanted spaceship pancakes!
  • 12:32:10: #SaveBalloonBoy - it looks like the balloon is coming down now. It dropped 4,000 feet very quickly. Poor kid. Falcon can fly.
  • 12:35:29: 100 feet! #saveballoonboy He's coming down!!!
  • 12:37:35: Why aren't they opening the balloon??? It's on the ground and they're all just staring at it!!! #SaveBalloonBoy
  • 12:42:03: Balloon is empty! When did BalloonBoy fall out? #saveballoonboy This is the craziest thing I've seen on TV in a long time.
  • 12:48:14: CNN just confirmed that they ARE the Wife Swap family! I'm pretty sure WE Scooped that!!! #saveballoonboy Missy called that!!! SCOOP!
  • 12:51:07: Christiaan - Balloon Boy is a HILARIOUS Halloween costume! I love you, Christiaan.
  • 12:52:31: Perez Hilton just emailed me personally thanking me for our scoop! And he signed it with "xoox"! We Love Perez Hilton!!!
  • 12:55:47: I hope Balloon Boy was never inside... maybe he's off hiding... and shame on his parents for the media panic! #saveballoonboy
  • 13:03:30: Balloon Boy: the most exciting thing I've seen on TV since Baby Jessica fell in a Well when I was in 3rd grade! #BalloonBoy #SaveBalloonBoy
  • 13:07:24: RT @CatherineRose: It appears ballonboy broke Twitter #Balloonboy #saveballoonboy
  • 14:47:09: I can't believe that they still haven't found Balloon Boy!!! Missy and I have a million conspiracy theories!
  • 14:49:36: Balloon Boy Falcon has a T-shirt already!?!? How tasteless! http://bit.ly/cnaTS
  • 14:56:44: Just saw on the news, a photo of something falling off of the Balloon... did Balloon Boy plummet? They're searching. very sad.
  • 15:10:02: CNN just reported Balloon Boy, Falcon is ALIVE and fine!
  • 15:14:52: Breaking News: Boy Hid in a Box in Garage
  • 17:49:12: I want to go to bed early tonight... let's see if it happens.
  • 17:50:53: @eutheria Congrats on the weight loss!!! Do you have photos before and after?!?!
  • 17:54:02: RT: "Yo Balloon Boy, Imma let you finish, but Anne Frank had the best attic hideout spot of all time!" -Kanye West
  • 20:35:04: #BalloonBoy said "You said it was for the SHOW, dad!" http://bit.ly/atw8n
  • 20:57:11: Loving the new FarmVille Halloween decorations! Working on my 3rd star of pumpkin mastery (to get a sign) and it's taking forever!
  • 21:06:50: Getting into bed... EARLY! (That's relative of course.) Now, let's see if I can convince Lilian SHE wants to go to sleep now too! <3

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