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From Twitter 10-16-2009

  • 09:41:37: This Morning, dream featured people from the past: Ron G, Ilana L, Linda T, Jill C, and Missy too. Haven't seen some in 6-15 years! Weird.
  • 09:45:18: My Peanut has bedhead and was just dancing while munching on a bagel... and sometimes she's so cute I squeal!
  • 09:46:10: And on days when I thought I couldn't love her more... Peanut let me sleep until 12:30 today! Unheard of! She's awesome! <3
  • 09:49:39: When do kids start coloring and enjoying crayons? I can't wait until Lilian makes pictures for me! <3
  • 12:20:37: @shoebootie Black hair... as in black the color, or black the race? By the way... what new thing are you doing to your hair?
  • 12:22:11: I hate when you call someone by accident... then hang up right away... and they call BACK "uh, did someone call me from this numba?"
  • 12:23:09: RT @golfshirt6: Jon Gosselin rests his head on his pillow content, knowing that he is not the worst dad in America. Congrats Richard Heene!
  • 12:28:27: Another rainy day... going to take Lilian to the indoor pool in a little while.Also need to take new portraits of her... tomorrow, I guess
  • 13:11:51: Need to catch up on my photo uploading today!!!
  • 13:12:37: I think Balloon Boy was an intention publicity stunt... he leaked it... and so they drugged him for the Today show when he barfed.
  • 13:19:20: When given a lunch plate with chicken, fries, broccoli & olives, Lilian ignores the chicken and fries and goes for the broccoli/olives. Love
  • 23:54:18: Please vote for Lilian in the Gap Casting Call - View Entry Here http://bit.ly/1U3HAX
  • 23:58:30: Lilian's 2nd Entry in the Gap Casting Call - PLEASE VOTE Here http://bit.ly/4KKGU

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