D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-19-2009

  • 15:24:20: Today I took a nap... with Lily... open window... crisp breeze... birds singing right outside... and it was peaceful and wonderful.
  • 17:06:17: The air outside suddenly smells like SHIT. Literal shit. We're gagging and throwing up. I don't mean a little bit. I mean shit STENCH.
  • 17:20:10: My dream just came true... Nancy Grace is covering the Balloon Boy story!!! I Hate Nancy Grace so much i LOVE her! BALLOON BOY! Watch CNN!
  • 18:26:35: I'm pretty sure Pat The Bunny does NOT go: "There was a bunny he ate something good then he died The End."
  • 19:33:47: Poor Lilian cut THREE teeth in the past week or so... she officially has 8 teeth now: 3 molars, two top center, and 3 bottom center! <3
  • 20:14:33: I used to have a blanket from Brookstone I loved... well, simply put, Lilian now has a cuddle blanket SHE loves. http://tinyurl.com/ykm9rsd
  • 22:22:14: Please vote for Lilian in the Gap Casting Call Contest, you can vote once a day! http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/LilianAlison/

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