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From Twitter 10-21-2009

  • 00:08:59: I just love this video. Sometimes I miss Lilian when she's asleep. <3 http://bit.ly/2TBl58
  • 05:24:01: I hate the mornings when I have to wake up earlier than Lilian... that I actually have to wake HER up for a rare change.
  • 06:46:53: The journey back to Long Island starts NOW... with many stops along the way... so we won't get home until late night. Ready... GO!
  • 06:47:59: BTW - Lilian cut yet ANOTHER tooth last night. I think it's #9, possibly #10. She's like a tooth garden in spring! In August she had just 2
  • 08:08:13: We started the morning with a DEAD car. We needed a jump to get it going. My first jump ever. Hope it works the rest of the day!
  • 13:30:58: In Collingswood, NJ to visit a friend on the way home... and 1 state closer to home! Drove through beautiful farmland today!
  • 20:20:50: Home Sweet Home
  • 21:53:54: I woke up at 8... Lilian slept ALL the way home, so now it's 1AM and she's wide awake and I'm beat! I can barely keep my eyes open.

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