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From Twitter 10-23-2009

  • 07:29:20: http://twitpic.com/mlf19 - Look at the AWESOME snack Missy & Dawn got me in the checkout line at Blockbuster!
  • 11:42:32: It feels and looks like autumn today... awesome. I don't yet own a pumpkin... not awesome.
  • 13:16:14: Taking Lilian to The Little Gym now, we haven't been in a while, she's going to be so excited! Have to schedule make-up classes. :)
  • 13:22:00: RT @FakeAPStylebook: While it's tempting to call them "baristi" because of the Italian roots, the plural of "barista" is "journalism majors"
  • 13:29:13: The only person that should be singing the words "love" and "battlefield" in the same song is Pat Benatar. #jordinsparks
  • 17:46:03: Friday Night = Pizza Night. Half Pepperoni and Half Broccoli. Yum.
  • 19:54:42: Feels so lucky... that even though Missy has been SO sick, she still makes me feel spoiled! She is so awesome.

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