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From Twitter 10-25-2009

  • 11:38:00: PLEASE VOTE FOR LILIAN TODAY! http://family.go.com/gapcastingcall/entries/LilianAlison/
  • 11:41:06: I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO: crochet, quilt, make homemade pickles and jam, grow pumpkins, change my own oil in my car, etc.
  • 11:41:45: I even have a NAME picked out for my future homemade pickle company! I need to research what I need to make pickles... then perfect them!
  • 12:48:17: I can tell that the Steelers love each other because they lovingly pat each other on the head on the sidelines. #Steelers
  • 15:26:19: BEST SODA EVER: diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash! http://bit.ly/1gHx0a
  • 15:27:38: I just gave Lilian her second-ever haircut. I took off about an inch on the back and sides!

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