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From Twitter 10-27-2009

  • 07:16:33: Taking Lilian for her make-up class at The Little Gym now. We're both not morning people... so this should be interesting. (Usually at 4:30)
  • 07:36:17: RT @wendystarr: Choose your own religion(humor): http://bit.ly/Z3aHa
  • 07:40:35: I had lots of errands/things to do today... but it's a rainy day and I don't want to keep dragging Lilian out of the car in the rain.
  • 07:49:53: I hate when holidays make you nostalgic and miss people... in a bad/sad way.
  • 11:55:53: Have (seperate) appointments to get both Lilian and myself flu shots on Friday. I think we're gonna skip the H1N1 and get the reg. flu only.
  • 11:56:37: It stopped raining and I'm having a productive and positive day! Things are working out today. :)
  • 13:20:24: @zfarmville #Farmville needs: chicken coops, storage sheds!!!, garage (for vehicles), horse stable, and MORE PINK THINGS!
  • 17:04:03: @ali_konu Ally - can you email me your mobile number, I want to send you a private text message!
  • 17:05:17: Lilian is watching Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin movie... and it's sooooooo cute! I love Halloween.
  • 17:13:24: It's been decided what Lilian is going to be for Halloween. A robot!!! A silver robot! <3
  • 19:50:08: I think i might be sick. Lame.

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  • al2o3cr
    3 Jan 2010, 02:44
    That sucks you're definitely one of my favorite blogs to read by far :(
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 05:17
    The end of an era!
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 04:38
    good riddance!!!!
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 04:19
    I would still like to follow your journal! I've been reading/commenting forever and I feel like know ya. :(
  • al2o3cr
    2 Jan 2010, 02:43
    The end of my journal...
    Not the end of me!
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