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From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 00:05:19: This shocks and sickens me. Warning... very disturbing photos. http://bit.ly/CZzqd
  • 08:48:59: Just decided that I need a HEART album. Missy nor I own one single Heart album!
  • 09:04:34: http://twitpic.com/ne97q - Three adorable Baby Gap outfits Lilian got in the mail today from Nana Marie and PopPop! (My dad & step-mom.) Tha
  • 09:11:22: http://twitpic.com/nea1k - Lilian got her very first pair of Converse. They're a litle too big (no half sizes) but completely adorable!
  • 11:50:15: http://twitpic.com/nevs8 - Lilian in her Ladybug dress before going to the Halloween class at the library!
  • 12:21:52: @golfshirt6 I'm coming to pick you up now! <3
  • 12:34:08: http://twitpic.com/nf24h - Frick & Frack peeking out the window at me! (Porkchop & Oliver) 10/29/09
  • 12:35:01: @PerezHilton - Today YOU are my imaginary boyfriend. <3
  • 14:39:18: My car died again... Dawn is coming to give me a jump... QUICK - tell me how to use jumper cables! Clip where? Red to red, black to black?
  • 14:42:26: @cluucy where does the other end of black go in my car? Missy says it goes red to red, and black to my tongue. Don't think that's right.
  • 14:50:20: Kind gentleman is helping us with our jump!!! Wish us luck!
  • 15:15:19: Jump worked, car got us home OK! A new car battery may be in my future... my car is 6 years old and I only replaced the battery once.
  • 15:17:56: Thank you, Christine! @cluucy for your quick (and accurate) jumper cable instructions! <3
  • 20:51:39: Watching Storm Chasers... it's a really cool show!

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