D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 10-30-2009

  • 08:12:58: Busy day. Farmer's market. Mother-daughter flu shots (2 diff doctors). Gym class. Missy just said to Lily "Do you wanna look like Hitler?"
  • 09:02:13: Running later today. Took antibiotic on empty stomach. 30 minutes later, had to pull over in a BK parking lot to dry heave & vomit bile.
  • 13:01:44: Both Lilian and I got our flu shots today. She cried... I didn't. She got a hologram band-aid... I got none. She got preztels and Hersheys.
  • 13:04:48: Lilian now weighs 18.5 pounds. Peanut!!!!!!!!!!

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