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From Twitter 11-05-2009

  • 10:13:45: Lilian has baby "Legos" she got 6 months ago. Yesterday she BUILT for the first time... before she just broke what I built! Yay! So cute!
  • 10:17:04: RT @eutheria: Dear Maine, The Bible also says lobsters are an abomination. Fuck you, Melissa. (LOL, Melissa! And I agree on the shellfish)
  • 10:25:13: Having a Shock Top for breakfast today. :)
  • 15:35:32: I uploaded a YouTube video -- Diagnose my Car!!!! http://bit.ly/qFmqx
  • 15:52:05: took an awesome nap with Lilian... and now we're watching Dora the Explorer "Puppy Power" which she picked out herself at Blockbuster!

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