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From Twitter 11-14-2009

  • 02:04:08: i need that Wen hair stuff. http://www.wenhaircare.com/ Has anyone tried it?
  • 02:22:49: Wait... see last Tweet! I'm supposed to be asleep by the time Infomercials come on! I'm TOO suggestable! Need Wen.
  • 12:20:55: Upset that the dude at Pep Boys sold me the WRONG SIZE car battery, so who knows WHEN i can exchange it and get the new one installed. Sucks
  • 18:55:29: Depsite major pain issues today... I'm having what I'd consider a LUCKY day. Karma is in my favor today. Feeling grateful for a few things.
  • 20:01:15: @cluucy Can I have one? (a beer?)
  • 20:26:02: @cluucy when will you next be out here? RT @cluucy @dana_rubyfruit You can have 2 beers next time I see you. Can't wait to see you guys :)
  • 21:04:33: Watching the Wanda Sykes show on Fox. She's funny! :) http://www.fox.com/wanda/ #wandasykes
  • 21:24:17: Sammy Sosa's skin... WHY? http://tinyurl.com/whySOSA I can recommend a new skin cream that'll make him soft if he wants. Seriously.
  • 21:28:51: These answering machine messages are REALLY similar to the ones I left Missy and HOOKED her with! http://tinyurl.com/DanaIsACatch
  • 22:21:00: Took Benadryl to help me get back on a more "normal" (less nocturnal) sleep schedule! Went to bed at 5 or 7am three times this week. Oops
  • 22:53:20: I just love when people have clever ideas. http://tinyurl.com/SomethingClever
  • 23:10:16: The Benadryl is working... time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep!

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