D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 11-15-2009

  • 13:42:22: I just heard this on TV and I liked it... "Someone should tell them that the cover-up is always worse than the crime."
  • 13:43:35: @shoebootie How is Little Guy doing? What is he up to? http://tweetphoto.com/fjb9anuq
  • 13:49:06: Good news = I got my new car battery yesterday... and hopefully it'll be installed today. Also had air filters & wipers changed for free!
  • 13:49:46: Bad news = T-Mobile won't take a partial payment, and i won't have $250 extra at once until January, so no phone until then. Oh well.
  • 16:36:22: if i had a working car... i'd be in it and driving right now. i don't know where, but i drive to clear my head...
  • 18:58:04: About to go pick up a yummy pizza to share with Missy and Lily for dinner. Yum.
  • 21:01:07: OMG.... there's one thing in the world that makes me contemplate suicide... fucking HICCUPS. I have the most painful hiccups EVER! LAME!

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