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From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 12:18:18: Feeling very depressed about the upcoming holiday(s)...
  • 14:24:27: We Did It, We Did It, We Did It Yeah, Yeah We Did it! Missy and I put my car back together and installed the new battery all on our own!!!
  • 19:11:56: @ali_konu - Do the oldest 2 babysit at least?!?!?! Maybe i'll take one or two!
  • 19:12:51: i definitely earned one of my Feminist Merit Badges by changing my own car battery today. Car drives now... just not well... and...
  • 19:13:19: My car FAILED inspection with a big fat F for several things. Have to take it to the VW dealership. Hoping I have the cash to fix it!
  • 19:15:21: Bought pasta infused with veggies for Lily ... it has vitamin C and A, etc. Delicious & i recommend! http://www.ronzonigardendelight.com/
  • 19:32:48: If you and i woke up in jail together.......using only 4 words........what would you say to me??!!
  • 20:58:15: Having major JOINT PAIN in at least 4 separate joints... my knee is swollen and full of fluid. I'd go see a doctor if i had insurance. PAIN
  • 20:59:23: By the way... in case you couldn't tell, I'm having a really crappy day.
  • 23:37:26: Feeling depressed ... and watching a sad TV show isn't helping.

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