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From Twitter 11-17-2009

  • 05:26:32: Already??????????????????????????????
  • 09:57:30: RT @ali_konu: True story - I've never had starbucks - http://bit.ly/199mgQ
  • 09:58:13: True Fact: @ali_konu I can top never having Starbucks. I've never had a cup of coffee (or any coffee beverage)!!!
  • 09:59:14: Watching old school Looney Tunes cartoons with Peanut and she is absolutely fascinated by them - it's so cute! <3
  • 10:01:42: @ali_konu I've had one sip of coffee several times in my life, but never more than 1 sip.
  • 19:08:00: It's that time of year again... when Missy tortures me with THIS crap! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFQyib5ZQZY
  • 19:09:13: Having a super duper crappy day and a mood to match. But I got Lilian a really cute little gift, and that makes me happy a little.
  • 23:14:14: Going to bed "on the early side" since I have to bring my car in early... for them to tell me I can't afford the repairs to pass inspection!

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