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From Twitter 11-21-2009

  • 00:51:24: The WHOLE house is awake with lights on. I thought I'd have an early night, so I didn't nap today. Tomorrow's gonna SUCK!
  • 00:55:24: Watching Disney's ROBINHOOD with Lilian and she likes it so much she's bouncing around and spinning in my lap while giggling! <3
  • 07:14:52: Dear Self, Why are you allergic to like... everything? Stop. Love, Me
  • 07:15:31: I am so fucking tired my eyes BURN and I have to take Lily to her "Shake Rattle and Read" baby class in an hour. LOTS to do today.
  • 14:45:14: We just had our first "Santa sighting" this year (driving by on the firetruck) - Lilian waved! It was super cute!
  • 14:47:28: All packed (but car not loaded yet) to drive to Lancaster, PA early early in the morning, where we will be until Dec 3 (i think). No cell.
  • 20:25:01: SO tired. Bed is calling me. We're all packed except for a few last minute things. Plan to leave at 7AM. NEED sleep. Still things to do
  • 20:25:35: I finally took the effort to retouch Lilian's Xmas portraits today, they're so cute they make me wanna scream. Can't wait to make Xmas cards

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