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From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 17:18:50: Check me out... Twittering from my cell phone.
  • 17:20:13: @shoebootie - I LOVE the show Hoarders... its fascinating!!!!!!!! Also love "I didn't know I was pregnant" - what a train wreck!
  • 17:25:44: I can't watch a show on TV without seeing Brooke Shields in a commerical (Latisse, Colgate, etc) Yet no TV or movies! I guess looks > talent
  • 17:27:58: @miao0726 I was referring to the fact that my phone's been shut off for weeks due to a HUGE bill, and I finally made a payment arrangement!
  • 18:35:39: http://twitpic.com/qy5g9 - My hilarious kid laying on the floor, drinking, and watching South Park. 11.25.09 #1/2
  • 18:37:16: http://twitpic.com/qy5p1 - My hilarious kid laying on the floor, drinking, and watching South Park. 11.25.09 #2/2
  • 19:02:15: Sharing the roads with horse-buggies on a FOGGY night is scary! Driving through clouds in Strasburg, PA.
  • 20:48:20: Lilian is obsessed with condiments and dipping her food... unfortunately the combinations don't matter...apples + marinara tonight. YUCK!
  • 21:19:00: I have a lot that I'm thankful for this year... so I'm just going to shout them out randomly over the next 24 hours in random order! <3
  • 21:20:42: I am thankful for my little family: my wife Missy and my baby girl Lilian! How lucky am I? I get to spend every day with my 2 best friends!
  • 21:30:09: Thankful that I have NEW friends this year... especially the one welcoming us to her home for Thanksgiving dinner! <3 Christine <3
  • 22:42:34: I am thankful we're NOT doing Thanksgiving at our house this year... and we can avoid that stress! :)
  • 23:56:00: I am thankful for my family that has always been there... Mom, Dad, Jared, Grandma Laura.
  • 23:57:20: I am thankful for the new family I acquired this year... Bee, Rose & Marlene. <3
  • 23:58:21: I am eternally grateful and thankful to Brontis who gave us the greatest gift a person could give. <3
  • 23:59:19: I am thankful for my in-laws who love me like their own sister/daughter. <3 Dawn, Bee, Darralyn, Dennis <3

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