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From Twitter 12-03-2009

  • 16:25:29: A whole lot of napping today. I don't know what's wrong with me. Maybe just getting over a cold? I hope I'm not up all night now.
  • 16:31:00: If you're driving to PA Dutch Country, and someone warns you to beware of horse/buggies on dark, winding roads... they're not kidding! @A.W.
  • 16:32:25: @wendystarr Who is Allison on Intervention? (P.S. - is this a delayed response or what? Just now cleaning out my texts.)
  • 20:21:44: OMG - I KNEW IT!!! POINSETTIAS are the new crop on Farmville!!!!! AH ha ha ha ha! @miao0726 #farmville
  • 20:44:43: @miao0726 Is that something to JOKE about? Dead serious. Poinsettias are the new Farmville crop. :) Swear. To. God. <3
  • 20:50:44: @miao0726 I wish i did. I wish. There would be a lot more pink crap.
  • 21:18:08: #PoinsettiaATTACK on FarmVille!!!!
  • 22:08:30: RT @zfarmville: New Limited Edition Winter Holiday items are also now available, including a new Poinsettia Crop!
  • 22:34:27: @wendystarr Missy is watching this Jersey Shore crap and it's making me wanna puke. And not just because they're puking on TV.
  • 22:43:45: If you love Christmas... twitter #PoinsettiaATTACK - retweet to make #PoinsettiaATTACK a trending topic! :) For me! Do it!
  • 22:45:39: I need to get my act together and design our Christmas card... sometime BEFORE Christmas! Have cutest portraits of Lil! #PoinsettiaATTACK
  • 23:03:57: "I'm princess of Poughkipsee, and here, I'm like... no one." KILL ME NOW. THIS SHOW SUCKS! #PoinsettiaATTACK #jerseyshore
  • 23:22:46: Took Benadryl... now waiting for the sleep to come. Any bets on how long it'll take?!? #PoinsettiaATTACK
  • 23:40:36: Why is it, that every 10 minutes I'm getting a message "Farmville has been enhanced, please refresh?" Like 10 times!!! #PoinsettiaATTACK

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