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From Twitter 12-05-2009

  • 09:25:33: Our first snow of the year!!!!! It's flurrying!!! Wonder if it'll stick. Went to bed under a blanket of depression... and still it lingers
  • 11:01:13: http://twitpic.com/s9mcq - The snow is just starting to cover the grass.
  • 12:28:23: http://twitpic.com/sa1fz - Lilian's First Snow of the Year (and... her new hat!)
  • 14:01:57: @cluucy I saw on Facebook that Weebles Lindgren is now married. And I wasn't invited?
  • 14:03:07: @queenmabwords Why are trying to take a photo of your bra in the first place???
  • 14:58:26: @catherinerose Pop Shop for dinner this week? Monday I think?
  • 15:00:36: @catherinerose Cool, we'll meet up on the way home again... whichever day that is, probably Monday!
  • 15:02:07: @cluucy Dinner at the Pop Shop Monday night on our way home???? Wanna meet us again?
  • 18:24:24: @queenmabwords Are we gonna see the lucky bra?
  • 18:30:10: http://twitpic.com/sbwwl - My kid LOVES to dip her food... ketchup, mustard, ranch, ice cream whatever... she DIPS!
  • 19:03:36: @ali_konu Ali & Mike + 5
  • 19:04:53: Lilian has been content playing all by herself for 30 minutes or so... with 2 snack-size tupperwares and my tiny purse. Who needs toys?
  • 19:08:12: @ali_konu Ask the Duggars!
  • 19:11:13: @ali_konu I'm fine! Some big news in my life... see the blog! We've been in PA for almost two weeks again too.
  • 20:19:23: @ali_konu One of my favorite things about your family is that you have Mason the Kid and Mason the Dog. That cracks me up.
  • 20:23:50: @ali_konu I didn't hear that about Mason the Dog. So sad. Though I'm glad it's not Mason the Kid. I hope he doesn't suffer. Poor kids. <3
  • 21:12:40: Missy's misheard lyrics to Winter Wonderland = "we'll sing and we'll sway, the eskimo way"and "our hands are always cold when you're in town
  • 21:15:19: Today someone compared me to Princess Leia... upon finding out her father was Darth Vader. I bet they'd die to hear I never saw Star Wars.
  • 23:21:33: My feet are cold.

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