D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 08:15:29: Sleepy... with a belly full of waffle. Is it nap time yet? Watching "Jungle Junction" and cuddling with Lil. <3
  • 11:07:17: Wearing a Strapless dress + a bra WITH straps is SO tacky. Where did I see this, you ask? On TWO women on Jerry Springer right now.
  • 11:07:57: Why am I watching Jerry Springer, you ask? Good question. I certainly didn't put it on... and it needs to change ASAP.
  • 11:10:44: @eutheria RT: " http://twitpic.com/sjhwv - Wilbur makes weird faces in the car, Trouble sleeps." Philip makes the same face... it's nerves!
  • 14:17:25: I just laughed so hard, I stood up and almost fainted from lack of oxygen.
  • 19:45:16: @catherinerose I'm fascinated by the schizophrenic baby video on Oprah... what was it like?
  • 21:18:20: @ali_konu Honestly... not that weird for "dog people." If one of my dogs passed, I'd want a memorial portrait, I'm not joking.
  • 21:19:05: http://twitpic.com/smlnf - Lilian watching "Family Guy" on TV with her blanket on her lap. SO cute.
  • 21:21:05: @ali_konu There are entire pet funeral homes. They sell lockets that you can keep cremation ash in and wear, etc. People do those things.
  • 21:24:55: @ali_konu if a dog portrait in the living room over the couch isn't your thing... consider putting it somewhere discreet! :)
  • 21:40:40: Lilian made FIVE phone calls today. Five. Luckily none international this time.

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