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From Twitter 12-09-2009

  • 02:48:50: Stayed awake too late again... but I have no regrets. (Thank you, M). But late night infomercials make me think I need a Shake Weight. WTF?!
  • 02:51:24: It's pouring out and my feet are freezing (but sleeping in socks is wrong and against my principles.)
  • 11:08:11: http://twitpic.com/std0d - Lilian eating her favorite chips, watching Dora... with Dora, in her Star Wars shirt.
  • 12:39:51: Today I STILL have both extreme hip pain... and extreme annoyance. I regret what I ate today and need a nap.
  • 14:00:28: @chris02569 & @catherinerose OK, we didn't leave PA today. We're leaving 100% definitely tomorrow (Thurs). Does that work for dinner?
  • 14:01:22: Dealing with a crisis... Missy lost her journal! We've been looking all day, she's devastated.
  • 15:07:02: Pain and headaches today... both literally and figuratively...
  • 15:38:32: @chris02569 My friend can't go... as I'm sure you've seen. But we can still meet up! What time should we meet???
  • 19:09:08: http://twitpic.com/sve0g - I just saw this on TV... if I knew where this guy got his cowboy shirt, I'd get it for @chris02569 for Xmas! @mia
  • 19:13:51: I heard a rumor that Ashley is coming over this weekend to bake cookies and help me decorate for Xmas! I <3 Ashley!!!!!

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