D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-11-2009

  • 06:28:21: The news keeps warning me about below freezing temperatures... and how freakin' cold it is outside... I need a new SCARF!!!
  • 06:29:37: Went to bed early last night... in bed by 10ish... though I couldn't convince Lilian to sleep until 11:30ish. First day I'm not TIRED!
  • 06:34:40: @catherinerose and @cluucy - Dinner tonight? What time? @chris02569 - I'm so disappointed you can't make it tonight. :(
  • 06:36:44: i really don't follow (or care about) politics most of the time. But... i just don't UNDERSTAND why Obama would win peace prize. EXPLAIN!
  • 06:51:16: @catherinerose - I thought you weren't free saturday. Argh. Oh well. Maybe we'll just drive home early then, and not wait for dinner time
  • 09:25:02: Duggar Baby #19 was born 1 lb, 6 oz!
  • 11:34:20: Lilian's stroller giver her hair MAJOR static... it's all standing up in a halo around her head. She looks reedickulous.
  • 11:42:03: @ali_konu your twittering is driving me bonkers today!
  • 11:44:29: WTF is a Twitter party??? What about everyone else on your list????
  • 12:30:19: Lilian just ate pickles and mac & cheese... mixed together. I never loved this kid more.
  • 13:13:45: Is about to drive NJ-bound. Bye bye Pennsylvania!
  • 14:35:14: I just watched the sun go down. Happy Hanukkah! Special Hanukkah shout out to BEE GREENBERG on her 1st as an official Jew! I <3 u, Bee!
  • 15:03:57: Driving thru Philadelphia at 5:10, the PEAK of rush hour... never a good idea. I fail.
  • 19:26:42: NJ Turnkpike. Having trouble staying awake while driving... eyes heavy....
  • 19:28:26: Have had the same CDs in my car since 2004. Man. I need new CDs in here.
  • 21:39:57: Ahhhh.... good ole' Patchogue. (Not)
  • 22:16:21: Home safe. :)

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