D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-12-2009

  • 10:06:49: It's the kind of day where it hurts to be awake. My head is pounding, and I had to wake up and get in the car and drive again. Ouch.
  • 10:17:42: Need to buy Christmas lights. I'm considering getting all green. One year I did all red and white. But I love green xmas lights. Target.
  • 10:18:48: I have so much to do (though a lot has to wait until Monday)... I need to make a LIST. Welcome home, Dana, now start making LISTS.
  • 14:29:37: Moments from a break-down. Nothing is going right. I'm overwhelmed, disappointed, depressed, and feeling hopeless.
  • 16:03:19: Had to go to FOUR stores today (Target, 2 Lowes didn't have ANY left) to find some Christmas lights. But I got some, and tomorrow I decorate
  • 23:42:29: I have the shakes. I'm in serious FarmVille withdrawal.
  • 23:43:38: @CatherineRose RT:"Is it Sept 1st yet? I see a move in my future." Catherine - Why do you have to move????
  • 23:51:50: Unproductive day... we slept a lot. I woke up at 11:30, then napped in the car 12-1:40. Ran errands, cleaned Lilian's room. Napped 7-10:45PM

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