D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 01:28:03: Even with the heat turned down to 60 (and the rest of the house is cold)... the bedroom gets/stays SO hot. Window cracked in December!
  • 12:00:50: Got Lilian and I showered/bathed and dressed... and by dressed, I mean clean PJs. My favorite kind of day! Waiting for Ashley! <3
  • 16:16:36: Getting my FarmVille fix on. Mmmmmm... FarmVille.
  • 16:45:04: When I pick up rocks... I usually only find slugs and beetles underneath.
  • 17:11:36: RT eutheria @dana_rubyfruit Peggy Bundy is wearing a necklace with three huge pointsetta on this episode of Married..With Children @miao0726
  • 17:57:29: Sampling the Christmas cookies that Missy and Ashley are baking. Mmmmm... cookies. It's raining out, so no lights/tree today! Tomorrow.
  • 20:07:57: If ANYONE spoilers Dexter for me... I swear our friendship is over. I am not joking or kidding. PLEASE keep your Dexter posts SPOILER-FREE!
  • 20:28:33: Making my Christmas cards has me REALLY stressed out right now.
  • 20:54:22: @chris02569 Oh... I will NOT be clicking! It's the BAD part about not having TV. But, I do like watching box sets... must avoid spoilers!
  • 22:17:20: Finished my Christmas cards... now need to find 4.25x6.25" envelopes in red or brown! (I usually get at Target, they had NONE this year.)

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