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From Twitter 12-18-2009

  • 01:08:27: @wendystarr are you driving straight from FL to NY or are you staying overnight somewhere?
  • 06:43:12: 8:45am is an ungodly hour to be anywhere. I'll never be a morning person, from now on, no more appointments before 10! :)
  • 13:10:27: We took Lilian for her first professional haircut today! She looks adorable and she was so good & sat still (in my lap!) <3
  • 14:16:01: Can someone please tell me the weather forecast for the weekend and the expected snowfall for where I live? (East Patchogue, NY) <3
  • 14:17:15: It's been a BUSY day, it's 4:15, been running around since 8:30. Taking Lil to The Little Gym now, but still have 4 errands left!!!
  • 16:43:08: http://twitpic.com/u354z - Lilian and Dora in the grocery store.
  • 17:07:08: Longest. Day. Ever. It's after 7pm and I'm still not home yet. But I got a TON accomplished! (Which is good because my car might die)
  • 21:16:42: We just got home and just got into bed. 15 hours after I left the house this morning. But Lilian is wearing new Dora jammies & has a new do.

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