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From Twitter 12-19-2009

  • 09:49:38: Is it nap time yet?
  • 10:08:36: The flurries started... I'm totally content to not leave the house the whole weekend! Let It Snow!!!!!!!!
  • 14:57:38: It's still snowing... ever so lightly. We've only gotten a dusting so far, maybe half an inch? I think it's supposed to get heavier later
  • 15:19:05: http://twitpic.com/u8nmi - Lilian and Dora reading together in her Lily-sized chair.
  • 18:09:10: I live further east than most everyone on my FB... so the snow is here NOW, we're getting dumped on. A few inches so far! I Love snow!
  • 22:17:43: Holy crap is it SNOWING, and there's a prediction of 18-24 inches by noon! We must have at least a foot already. http://tinyurl.com/ygy8zjj
  • 22:44:04: Watching "Gremlins" with Lily in bed (who is obviously up way past her bedtime.) I love snowstorms!
  • 23:23:06: Upset that my (photo) Xmas cards didn't come in the mail Fri OR Sat like I expected, so some people may not receive until after Xmas. So sad

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