D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-20-2009

  • 06:53:04: OMG, we woke up to over 2 feet of snow! Some of the windows only have 5 inches uncovered, the snow buried the chairs and my car! Photos!
  • 08:02:12: http://twitpic.com/ucnh4 - SNOW! Good thing I have no where to go today!
  • 12:34:28: Last chance... if you're doing the whole Christmas card thing and you need my address and want me to have yours... get in touch today!
  • 13:44:32: I am totally shocked by Brittany Murphy's death. I really liked her. Has it been confirmed?
  • 13:45:27: Missy is baking cookies, I'm addressing Xmas cards, and Lilian is reading her Dora book in highchair... and we're all dancing on a snow day.
  • 21:05:30: In the past 2 weeks, but really in the past few days, Lilian has become so verbal. It's really cute. She probably has 20 "words" now. <3
  • 21:15:35: I've read 4 board books aloud today at least 50 times each. I'm pretty ready for Peanut to GO TO SLEEP now. I'm done. :) Movie time.
  • 21:33:27: Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea = freaking' awesome. Too bad I only bought 1 box and its a seasonal item.

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