D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-21-2009

  • 07:29:06: Lilian's got a cold... she was a little snotty yesterday, and she woke up full blown snotty and cough-y. Missy and I have sore throats too.
  • 09:04:05: Anxiously awaiting the mailman. My 9AM appointment was rescheduled. If my Xmas cards aren't in the mail today, I'm gonna flip out. For real.
  • 09:21:55: After collecting addresses for my Xmas cards... I'm now updating my address books! (Both paper, and mobile.) Please send me info if it's new
  • 11:33:43: http://twitpic.com/uiyvy - Lilian's favorite "toys" are her books... and she's not feeling well today... and is cuddling her book.
  • 11:35:16: http://twitpic.com/uiz3q - Two seconds later... Lilian was fast asleep hugging her book (sitting up in the highchair)...
  • 12:39:30: I can see the mailman down the block... oh the anticipation. If my photos/cards are not in today's mail, I may lose my mind!
  • 13:52:21: BOO! It's been an hour and a half since I saw the mailman... and truck is gone. Missy thinks he skipped our house since driveway unshov ...
  • 13:56:45: Made a pot of homemade split pea soup today... Mmmmm... (and very dietetic, almost no calories, fat free). Lilian loves it too. Can't wait!
  • 14:04:07: I paid extra for priority shipping and my xmas cards/photos shipped 12/16, I really thought they'd be here by now. So sad.
  • 14:13:48: Lilian looks so cute in lavender. My favorite colors to dress her in are brown, red, lavender, and black. (Not all at once). <3
  • 14:16:04: RT @CatherineRose "Wow...sounds riveting http://tweetphoto.com/6921865 " That fucking CRACKED ME UP. <3
  • 14:23:31: My friend Janeen is selling some cool Vintage clothes on ebay: http://shop.ebay.com/xxthehermitxx/m.html @xxthehermitxx
  • 15:15:12: Look how cool! First day of winter... and we're very white! http://bit.ly/5RtfvQ
  • 20:11:54: We took another late nap... it's gonna be another LATE night here!
  • 21:18:10: Time for a little ME time, about to read a novel (as opposed to a board book) for the first time in over a month and snuggle with chihuahuas

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