D (al2o3cr) wrote,

From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 07:56:49: 9AM came way too soon today. And I need to brave Target on Christmas Eve! Ack! And... finally dig out my car for tomorrow.
  • 12:16:32: Stress eating. :(
  • 12:41:42: @miao0726 the mail came... you're so sweet! <3 Thank you!
  • 13:18:42: http://twitpic.com/v05iy - Hoarders... the automobile edition.
  • 13:19:23: I was woken up at 9am to go out and do errands... we didn't leave until 1:30PM. Now it's 3:20 and I still haven't made MY one stop.
  • 13:26:16: Missy, Lilian, and I all just got very thoughtful gifts in the mail... I feel totally special! <3 Marlene <3
  • 13:27:27: Here's a fun one... tell me the craziest thing going on with your family this holiday season! I know we ALL have something crazy going on.
  • 13:32:13: A must read for animal lovers, so sweet!: http://kemidra.livejournal.com/581514.html
  • 13:42:43: My purse zipper broke... in the CLOSED position. With everything inside. And I noticed at the checkout counter with everyone watching. Fuck.
  • 15:07:04: Shopping on Xmas Eve makes me wanna poke my eyes out. No. Joke.

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