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From Twitter 12-30-2009

  • 07:19:54: I need a vacation. Why is it that every time I wanna get in my car and drive... it's broken?
  • 07:23:19: @ali_konu Thinking of your family today... what a sad day.
  • 07:30:48: RT @mhaithaca: Ten words you need to stop misspelling, courtesy of @oatmeal! http://tinyurl.com/yj5lucz That means YOU!
  • 14:39:29: So far... having an all around Bad Day. I hope this turns around, fast.
  • 16:09:41: Feeling an enormous amount of stress...
  • 17:22:06: Dora keeps talking about Twinsday. I never heard of that one, does it come after Tuesday?
  • 17:45:06: I had no idea a 1 year old could have an obsession like mine does with Dora. Seriously, it's all Dora all the time. She lights up for Dora
  • 22:08:05: Laying in bed much happier than when I woke up today. My life got a little better today. Lilian is asleep next to me in pink monkey PJs. <3

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