September 21st, 2009

Lilian (7 months)

From Twitter 09-20-2009

  • 08:25:39: Neptune Diner in Lancaster PA. It's weird here. Everything is Christian and Bible-y. And they serve "scrapple" which apparently is pig guts
  • 08:35:10: @mhaithaca But I don't even eat Sausage! Vegetarian! Yay! The waitress just said, and I quote "scrapple is crap-ple."
  • 10:37:46: @wendystarr or... meet Brontis. He takes longer than 3 girls to get ready!
  • 10:38:56: Whoever said the whole city of Hershey smells like chocolate was wrong. Just arrived... and we're lost looking for the parking lot! Ha!
  • 15:23:59: Went on 4 rides so far at Hershey Park... 3/4 made me nauseated & dizzy. Maybe theme parks aren't the place for me??? At least it's tasty!
  • 15:27:28: @wendystarr you may curse like a sailor... but you're also not on national TV!!!!
  • 21:47:06: Had a fun, long, tiring day... glad to be in bed!

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