September 27th, 2009

Lilian (7 months)

From Twitter 09-26-2009

  • 08:03:45: It's a new record, I think. Lilian slept until 11AM (and therefore, I could too.) Yay!
  • 08:24:06: Woke up to a very romantic breakfast... complete with beverages and reading material. At 11AM! Could life be any better today???
  • 10:44:23: Watching E Hollywood stories about Dirty Dancing... and I'm Swayze Crazy!
  • 11:22:41: Has a cranky baby with a runny nose. :(
  • 11:28:13: Our house has 0 trash cans (except outside). The hotel room has 6. Lilian is obsessed with putting things in the trash, car key, phone, etc.
  • 12:35:28: @mhaithaca I prefer (diet) Pepsi over (diet) Coke too!!! Poor me? BTW I'm jealous that you're camping, no one will ever go with me.
  • 16:49:02: Watching Peanut masacre and devour a brownie is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Brownies is in her top 5 favorite foods.
  • 19:40:23: Just spent 10 minutes playing "fetch" with Lilian... she has the sweetest laugh ever. Video uploading to YouTube right now!
  • 21:16:36: Took me about 2 hours to get Peanut settled and sleepy and ready for bed... she's finally asleep! *sigh*
  • 22:10:24: Just got into bed next to Peanut and about to read my Amish romance novel "Plain Promise." @golfshirt6 - my very FIRST one. LOL.

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