December 17th, 2009

Lilian (7 months)

From Twitter 12-16-2009

  • 13:29:06: I got weighed in at WW last night and was NOT disappointed for once... today is DAY 1 back on Weight Watchers and it's HAAAAAAARRRD!
  • 13:42:28: My daughter is obsessed with jewelry and loves wearing it. Isn't that WEIRD? *sarcasm* Now i gotta get her some, she has none.
  • 15:50:44: @wendystarr Are you driving to NY from FL?
  • 16:04:01: RT @ali_konu: RT @LissaJoy: Win a free Canon EOS 450D SLR Camera! To enter, simply RT with #kimcanon hashtag!
  • 16:06:09: Thank you to Bee & Jared (also known as Aunt Bee & Uncle Jared now in our home)... for the FIRST gift under our little Christmas tree! <3 <3
  • 17:47:23: @wendystarr I can't wait to hear about your driving adventures. We wanna drive to FL to visit my new sister as soon as we can afford it!
  • 17:55:30: RT @miao0726: " attack!!" 'Tis the Season, after all.....
  • 18:37:40: Watching "The Grinch" (the original cartoon one) with Missy & Lilian.. Lilian has danced through the whole movie. So cute! She's expressive.
  • 21:47:55: My Christmas cards shipped! Yay! They should be here Friday. Now I just need to find envelopes and money for postage!!!! So pretty!
  • 22:49:01: Of all the midgets/dwarfs on TV... Snooki is my least favorite. #JERSEYSHORE
  • 23:02:16: Today, Dawn tried to teach Lilian how to "fist pump" (like on the show "Jersey Shore." Ack.

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